I'm James Bos. I'm a Linux Administrator and Systems Architect based in Thailand since 2010 but otiginally from Melbourne, Australia. On a normal day, you'll find me optimizing Free and Open Source Operating System environments for business use, FLOSS based software training or pushing Python to its limits by scripting my way out of a job!

When I'm not doing all of that, I'm probably having fun tinkering with some new fandangled programming language that may or may not be of some use to me in the future.

Outside of a million terminal windows, I have many interests including distance running, homebrewing, linguistics study and forever improving my collection of Vinyl.

When not working, you will find me outside running, or enjoying a post run beer. I also have a keen interest in embedding computing and IoT that doesn't suck.

I can be contacted via email or feel free to shoot me a Tweet/DM on Twitter

This website

Is built on top of the Pelican static HTML frame work, managed using git and a bunch of scripts (because everybody knows a lazy dev is a good dev). The theme is the result of a few beers and a bit of inspiration from Lauris Dzilums' blog.