James Bos

Tor Exit Node: Fun and Games

Inspired from this article, last weekend I decided to shell out $7.50 per month for a VPS with the sole intent of running a much needed Tor exit node.

The short of it is, there are plenty of tor relays and bridges, but usually people are too concerned about the legality of running an exit node as well as dealing with the influx of abuse emails. Whilst I am aware there is going to be a small percentage of traffic using the exit node for less than savory purposes, on the other hand, it's the larger percentage of people using it to circumvent things such as state sponsored surveillance and censorship that convinced me to do this in the first place.

It's been 5 days and my Exit Node is routing an estimated 250gb of traffic per day. I am still considering upping the traffic limit, but for now, I'd like to stay on the good side of the VPS host! :)