1. A Tor Exit node - 6 Months on

    • Category: Tor
    A little over 6 months ago, I remember reading a post on Reddit about being somewhat of a shortage of Tor Exit Nodes, and after subsequently reading an a post by <> regarding setting this up, I thought, hey, why don't I do the same? I won't go into too much …

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  2. Graphing Data from MQTT using Python/Matplotlib

    • Category: Python
    Being the weather nerd that I am, if you saw my previous post about parsing temperature and humidity data using MQTT, then consider this a follow up to that. In short, I have that very Wemos and sensor set up in an undercover/shaded section of the house outside which …

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  3. MQTT and the Wemos D1 Mini

    • Category: IoT
    I recently bought up a bunch of the esp8266 based Wemos D1 Mini micro-controllers. These things are great! I managed to find them online here in Thailand for the measily price of ~5usd a pop. Not only that, I also got a few relay and temp/humidity shields to go …

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  4. Using a Raspberry PI for RTSP streaming

    • Category: Linux
    At our office, we have just replaced the aging existing CCTV system with a 32 channel Hikvision NVR and nearly just as many IP Cameras. This NVR (and the cameras separately) include 2 RTSP streams (main and a lower bitrate sub stream) This allows me to be able to stream …

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