Hi, I’m James. I am a software engineer based in Melbourne, Australia.

When I am not messing around with some new fandangle language or framework, I like to ride my bike and run long distances.

I can be contact at jamesbos [at] gmail [dot] com

This site…

has gone through many iterations. I have always been a fan of static websites and (for now) I have settled with Jekyll and a slightly customised version of the minima theme that comes in the box.

Previously I have had luck using Pelican and a bunch of BASH build scrips. For those like myself who still love RSS, you can find a feed here:


I am currently heavily involved in developing Odoo (formally, OpenERP), specifically within a manufacturing, sales and purchasing setting. I can also be found developing in other frameworks such as Django and Flask/API. I also enjoy the odd bit of QT development.


My email above.