James Bos

Hi, I'm James,
I'm a Web Developer and SysAdmin from Melbourne, Australia.

Web Development

I specialise in full stack development of web based apps for business applications utilizing a veriety of programming languages, frameworks and markup, including but not limited to

  • Python (Flask, WebPy, Django)
  • PHP
  • SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, Postgresql, SQLAlchemy)
  • Javascipt (JQuery/UI, NodeJS)
  • Bootstrap

System Administration/DevOps

  • Linux (Debian/Ubuntu CentOS/RHEL) and coreutils
  • Proxmox and ESXi virtualization technologies
  • Linux Container technologies (LXC, Docker, etc)
  • Nagios configuration and customization
  • Puppet systems management and deployment

This Website

Previously this site was based on a custom Wordpress install with customised themes. After many updates, one XMLRPC vulnerability and even more borked themes, I went back to simple static site, all powered by Flask.

With the help of a few beers and just as many hours one lazy Sunday, this site was born. Written on top of Flask, It's all based on a bunch of Python scripts to post/organize content, using markdown type syntax for posting and some terrible CSS (because I was never an artist!)

Feel free to have a gander at the source here


Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I have been based in Thailand where I have been living and working for the past 6 years. Aside from working, you'll find me either running, spending time with my wife and 8 dogs or finding the time to see more of this beautiful country.